How to spread a virus

I’ve just done a factory reset on a laptop, and it starts like this


This is a serious problem. The device’s hard drive is the third thing to start.


The “USB Floppy” is also known as a memory stick. This means that if you leave a memory stick in the laptop when you turn it off, then the laptop will try to boot from that first.


Memory sticks are one of many ways that viruses spread.


This means that if you have a memory stick with a nasty or a virus in the USB slot when this laptop boots up, then the virus has a route to your computer before the anti virus or firewall software has a chance of starting. This problem will also circumvent tools like ‘Deep Freeze’

Smoke and Mirrors. Nothing New.


I recently treated myself to a turntable to play some of the old vinyl and came across this gem in a dusty corner.     There’s a wonderful throw away, “man walks into a pub” Man “Double brandy, please” Bar man “£2 please” it is a very old LP Man “Sorry mate, I meant a […]

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Using Posts


Today I decided to resurrect my blog and see how well I can keep it up to date using Posts, an app on the iPad. This gives me the opportunity for the blog as a more personal, easy to work on facility, and the company website as more of a solutions space. Posts looks like […]

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We are all in this together – aren’t we?


A Personal View This is an odd post to write. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen business owners in the sights of educationalists, politicians attacking public sector staff and everyone attacking journalists. Today I even responded on a blog about the whole subject – time to put pen to paper. We appear to be […]

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Bath Homecoming Parade


21st Signal Regiment Return This week saw a homecoming parade in Leicester, and a similar one in Bath. My oldest lad, Liam, is in the 21st Signal Regiment and they’ve all returned safely from Afghanistan. The ceremony at Bath Abbey was quite amazing – I’ve never been in a church with so many people before. […]

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The Demolition of Common Lane


LDV closed it’s doors recently. The site has now nearly been completely demolished. When I worked there we exported huge numbers of vans to Europe. All gone now.

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PC pricing structures


Over the last thirty years the price/performance of computers has changed dramatically.
This email I recently received shows just how much

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VAT is a very blunt instrument

And here’s why Ed Balls has joined the debate on “let’s reduce VAT to stimulate the economy”. Probably as a knee jerk reaction to the fact that high street sales have fallen. VAT is a tax on consumption. One day twenty or so years ago the mandarins in the civil service must have had quite […]

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SWOT Analysis


The divide between business, schools and the social sector is coming down. Use the tools from each where you can – with caution

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Councils and Credit Cards

Becta web archive

‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave’ .. Credit card usage by Councils may be a very efficient way of working. But it may disguise a problem they are unaware of.

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